Winsonic RMA Policy

  • I. Warranty Period

    1. LCD Panel, Touch Panel, Mother Board : 12 months from the date ship out.
    2. HDD Warranty Policy : Winsonic cover 1 year warranty, yet we suggest customers purchase HDD locally for local RMA service, for more detailed information please refer to Winsonic HDD Warranty Policy.
    3. Others : 36 months from the date ship out.
    4. No warranty for SKD or loose kit.

  • II. Warranty Coverage

    Within the warranty period, Winsonic will at its own cost to fix the defective unit or replace with a new one. For out of Warranty unit, Winsonic will charge the material cost and / or labor cost.

    This Warranty does not cover and shall be void for defects or damages resulting from casualty, accident, misuse or abuse, neglect, alterations, service or repair by other than Winsonic, improper installation, operation or maintenance, improper connections with peripherals or other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship.

    This Warranty also does not cover Products used as rental or leased equipment. Winsonic and its Service Providers are not responsible for damage or loss during the shipping. Consumable items such as lamps are not covered under this Warranty policy; however, a 2-months DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) policy will apply to these consumable items. For image sticking issue on the LCD panel, please refer to our important notice for the details, it is not covered by Winsonic Warranty Coverage.

  • III. DOA

    1. Definition:
    DOA ( Dead-On-Arrival ) means those units get defective within 2 months after ship out.
    2. Shipping Cost:
    Winsonic will pay both way freights for DOA units.
    Winsonic will issue the Credit Note to customer for the freight of shipping the DOA units to Winsonic if applicable.
    3. Service Charge:
    Winsonic will at its own cost fix or replace the DOA units Winsonic RMA Policy.

  • IV. RMA Service within Warranty Period

    1. Shipping Cost:
    Customer pays for the freight from customer site to Winsonic.
    Winsonic pays the freight for returning the RMA units back to customer.
    2. Service Charge:
    Winsonic will at its own cost fix or replace the defective unit within Warranty Period.

  • V. RMA Service out of Warranty Period

    1. Shipping Cost:
    Customer has to pay both way freight for out of Warranty units.
    2. Service Charge:
    Winsonic will charge customer the material and / or labor cost to fix the defective unit.
    The RMA Service Charge will be issued with a Debit Note specifying the RMA#and the total charge amount

  • VI. RMA Procedure

    1. If you got any question about Winsonic products, you can contact us for the RMA Service.
    2. If you want to return any RMA unit to Winsonic, apply a RMA # firstly.
    Also if you need some parts for replacement, you need to apply a RMA #.
    3. You have to fill out a Winsonic RMA Form, Specifying the contact information, model #, Serial No., symptom, packing information …
    4. Send the RMA Form to your RMA windown at Winsonic. Also please print out the RMA Form to attach with your returned package.
    5. Please help pack the returned RMA unit properly ( better with the original box ) to prevent the possible damage during the transportation.
    6. Please take some photos before packing in case there is any damage claim to the courier.
    7. Please put in the invoice the exact item description & the value we sold to you.
    Contact us if you can’t find your original invoice.
    8. Please put addressee information as below :

    Addressee: RMA # WR-xxxxxx-xxxx / Winsonic
    Address: No. 290-1, Wen-Chung Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33056, Taiwan
    Tel: +886-3-3704789
    Fax: +886-3-3704722

Note: Remember that a returned package without RMA# might be rejected.