IoT Gateway

Winsonic's IoT Gateway series products offer a versatile range of interfaces, including RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, and various wireless options, facilitating seamless OT-IT data integration.

IoT Gateway

This system is engineered to support a variety of communication protocols, including MQTT, SNMP, RESTful API, Modbus/TCP, and is fully compatible with major cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS. It also adheres to the OPC UA standard, ensuring a broad range of interoperability for industrial automation.
  • Data Logger :
    The system features a data logger that reliably saves data onto a Micro SD card, providing a secure and portable storage solution.
  • Schedule :
    It is designed to regularly record data and either store it on the Micro SD card or send it to an email and FTP server, offering flexibility in data management.
  • Rule Engine :
    The integrated rule engine simplifies the control of IO and the triggering of events, making system automation both straightforward and efficient.
  • Event Handling :
    Advanced event handling capabilities allow the system to send alarms and emails, or initiate FTP transfers when signals exceed normal ranges, ensuring prompt notifications and actions.

IoT Smart Gateway

AIoTera's IoT Smart Gateway is crafted to facilitate sophisticated connectivity solutions. As a specialized cloud-based software, AIoTera is tailored for the intricacies of industrial automation and efficient data collection.
The platform boasts an extensive array of functionalities, encompassing logic control, project configuration, and various test modes. Moreover, AIoTera delivers comprehensive I/O monitoring, customizable formula settings, and the ability to retrieve historical data. It also features an expedited search function for locating Winsonic remote I/O devices, streamlining the user experience.
Model NameModel No.specificationsCloud ConnectivityDownloads
IoT GatewayGW-BC16-0X0A-00 00
1 x HDMI, 1 X USB 2.0 High speed2 x LAN, 1 x RS232, 1 x RS485
AWS, AZure
IoT Smart GatewayGW-BC16-0X0A-01 00
1 x HDMI, 1 X USB 2.0 High speed2 x LAN, 1 x RS232, 1 x RS485