Features Highlights :

  • Support PROFINET protocol
  • You can connect your devices in a series or a ring using devices that have PROFINET ports, which are used for industrial automation. This lets you control your facilities and watch your data from a distance.
  • 2 ports Ethernet switch for daisy chain topologies, save time and wiring costs for mass deployment. And auto bypass protection.
  • Support peer to peer communications
Model No.SpecificationsDownloads
DAU02-PNET-8DI+4RLYPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 8DI + 4 Relay
DAU02-PNET-8DI+8DOPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 8DI + 8DO
DAU02-PNET-16DIPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 16DI
DAU02-PNET-16DOPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 16DO
DAU02-PNET-8AIPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 8AI
DAU02-PNET-8AOPROFINET, Ethernet interface, 8AO