Modbus RTU/TCP

DAU01 series Modbus RTU/TCP

DAU01 series is a type of field network that uses the Modbus protocol for communication. Modbus is popular in industrial automation because its protocol specification is publicly available and easy to implement. The protocol defines the format of the messages exchanged between devices. There are different versions of the protocol for different types of networks. The most common version is the Modbus protocol, which is a standard communication protocol based on a layered architecture between a master and multiple slaves.



  • Modbus RTU and TCP/UDP protocols support.
  • Built-in web server for web-based remotely I/O access.
  • Multiple interfaces connect with HMI or PLC via Ethernet, USB or RS422/RS485.
  • Wide range Power input DC 12V – 48V.
  • Wide operation temperature -25°C to 75°C.
Model No.SpecificationsDownloads
DAU01-MOD2008-4AI+4AOModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 4AI + 4AO
DAU01-MOD2012-8DI+4RLYModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 8DI + 4 Relay
DAU01-MOD2016-8DI+8DOModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 8DI + 8DO
DAU01-MOD2016-8DI+6DO+2PWMModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 8DI + 6DO + 2PWM
DAU01-MOD2116-16DIModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 16DI
DAU01-MOD2216-16DOModbus, Ethernet/USB/RS485/RS422 interface, 16DO