Ethernet/IP Remote IO

Features Highlights :

  • Support Ethernet/IP protocol
  • Two-port Ethernet switch for daisy chain topologies, save time and wiring costs for mass deployment. And auto bypass protection.
  • Easy communicate with multiple IoT protocols, support MQTT /RESTful API SNMP V1.0
    • MQTT : Actively publish MQTT message, shorten downtime with an alarm event notification.
    • SNMP (Network Management System) : Easily view the I/O data SNMP, support SNMP V1
Model No.SpecificationsDownloads
DAU02-ETIP-8DI+4RLYEtherNet/IP, Ethernet interface, 8DI + 4 Relay
DAU02-ETIP-8DI+8DOEtherNet/IP, Ethernet interface, 8DI + 8DO
DAU02-ETIP-16DIEtherNet/IP, Ethernet interface, 16DI
DAU02-ETIP-16DOEtherNet/IP, Ethernet interface, 16DO
DAU02-ETIP-8AIEthernaet/IP, Ethernet interface, 8AI
DAU02-ETIP-8AOEthernaet/IP, Ethernet interface, 8AO