Introduction to Auto-Search RIO

Winsonic’s Auto-Search RIO utility is software tool that searches for DAU02 Series units on a physical network. The following functions are supported by the Auto-Search RIO utility:

  • Search for and locate DAU Series units
  • Configure IP addresses
  • Configure DAU Series system setting

Auto-Search RIO Utility Download

For Example : Based on Windows OS,Remote IO 8DI+4RLY

Step 1 :

run “data-io-search-win_v1.0.3” . you will see the sceen as on the right side and pop the new web browser screen.


Step 2 :

Find the Remote IO 8DI+4RLY MAC Address and click that WAN IP address.


Step 3 :

You will see the Account and Password entry to type Account: admin, Password: admin, and then Submit After that it will show the “Overview” to display the device configuration and IO status.