EtherCAT Motion Control : EtherCAT I/O unit

  • Specified CPU increasing Ethernet package efficiency
  • Distance between stations up to 100m (100BASE-TX)
  • Network topologies supported line, tree, ring, star, or any combination thereof
  • Support daisy chain connection
  • Models with various I/O function for selection
  • Power input DC 12V- 48V
  • ESD protection 4KV contact for each channel
Model No.SpecificationsDownloads
DAU01-ECAT2012-8DI+4RLYEtherCAT, 8DI + 4 Relay
DAU01-ECAT2016-8DI+8DOEtherCAT, 8DI + 8DO
DAU01-ECAT2116-16DIEtherCAT, 16DI
DAU01-ECAT2216-16DOEtherCAT, 16DO