in-vehicle Computer provide industrial-grade computing solutions for a wide range

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Intelligent Automotive / DC-DC PC Power Supply

Vehicle product line equipped with an intelligent, high power, vehicle DC-DC PC power supply designed for Vehicle pc or battery powered applications. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard based on ignition status, Vehicle computer system is a wide input 9 to 36V DC for car / battery and 110~125V DC for Train / MRT, power supply capable of surviving tough car engine cranks (down to 9V) as well as transient over-voltage situations. Just connect it to your car / boat / RV / solar battery and power up vehicle pc.

Vehicle Computer

Vehicle computer series is a high performance, Fanless based Vehicle Computer. It is newest series of in-vehicle computer, is designed for in-vehicle operation within trucks, buses, trains and texi. It design with multitude of I/O interfaces which enable connectivity to various in-vehicle features. Vehicle computer is built the latest low power high performance 3rd Generation Core i7/i5/i3 processor, up to 8GB of system memory, four optional COM ports (3xRS-232 / 1 x RS-485).

Vehicle Driver Display

• Rugged construction ensures exceptional stability
• LCD meets sunlight readability for navigation and transportation systems
• Multiple mounting options
• Technical support for hardware screens, monitors, controllers, peripherals including troubleshooting procedures and general system issues
• Customer service and sales support help with product selection, order management, and warranty status

Vehicle Passenger Display

In recent years, information display is becoming more common in bus transport and is considered as an effective tool to manage passengers flow. Not only crucial information can be delivered to passengers in real-time via digital signage. The passengers can get the bus arrive time through the digital media display in the bus stops. The passengers can get more life information and advertisement during the waiting time.

Vehicle Product Line

The Vehicle product series, an innovative series of in-vehicle display / computer, is designed for in-vehicle operation within trucks, buses, and trains. Winsonic compact in-vehicle computers and transportation computers are differentiated by a multitude of I/O interfaces which enable connectivity to various in-vehicle features and meet arbitrary application requirements.

In-Vehicle Computer

(Car PC, On Board Computer or car computer) is designed to perform multiple in-car functions, including infotainment, fleet management, telematics, video surveillance, taxi dispatch and law enforcement. A newer unique needs in intelligent traffic system, asset management, job dispatch, video surveillance and fuel saving has come to the market recently.