ECDIS Navigation Display for Premium Bridge

Winsonic offers a wide range of ECDIS monitors. For traditional applications we offer the marine display product families, available in 10.4”~24”. The Marine display family comes in a variety of configurations and is available for both console and table mounts.If you request ECDIS and Radar displays in 4:3 or wide screen format and we provide all the range of display and support data / dust / night mode.


Winsonic offers ether a complete type approved product delivery ready to be integrated straight into your systems, or as a support service to be utilized RS-232 is standard IEC61162 communication interface control solution.


According S-52 for ECDIS, appendix 2, annex B, the ΔE* metric is a measure of the overall discrimination (including both colour and luminance differences) both parts of the system [display and computer] need the correct RGB values for that specific display to ensure the images are shown correctly.

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Durable and Reliable

Winsonic marine display complies IEC 60945 Providing marine structures with marine monitors meet the conditions for temperature, humidity, and vibration as defined in the IEC 60945 international standard for maritime navigation and radio communication.

• Corrosion (Salt Mist) img

• Dry Heat Test img

• Vibration Test img

• Damp Heat Test img