Digital signage, kiosks take COVID-19 head on

The workplace revolution has begun. Millions of people worldwide have permanently left the traditional workplace, and those who return are following new procedures such as having their temperature checked and their identity verified.

Welcome to the post-COVID-19 workplace. The coronavirus will eventually be controlled, but by the time this happens, employers will have new regimens in place for managing their workforces. There will be hundreds if not thousands of worker monitoring technologies that will make workplaces safer if not also more efficient.

Automated kiosks and digital signage, particularly health monitoring systems, represent some of many technologies being introduced. The contact tracing technology market alone in the U.S. — which has also drawn the attention of the office furniture, construction and design industries — is pegged at around $4 billion, according to a report in The New York Times, based on estimates from International Data Corp.

Industry's response to the "new normal" began as soon as quarantines were announced in early spring. The momentum has since escalated.

In May, this website summarized 40 self-service solutions introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. One article explored solutions designed to dispense safety products and/or allow locations to sanitize self-service equipment, while the other focused on kiosks with temperature sensors.

Since then, innovations have nearly doubled. Where some systems focus on limited functions, such as dispensing personal protective equipment, others now include diverse offerings, such as temperature detection, identity verification, population monitoring and more.

Following is a summary of self-service technologies designed to protect visitors from COVID-19.

Advanced Kiosks

Advanced Kiosks' new Guardian Kiosk can detect temperature from a person's face with an accuracy of less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. If the temperature is over a predetermined threshold, an alert sounds. Additionally, the kiosk uses an artificial intelligence system to analyze the face and see if the person is known to the kiosk, such as a company employee, providing a stronger level of access control than typical key card access methods.

The facial recognition technology even works if the person is wearing a mask, and can be configured to sound an alert if a mask is absent.

Antlia Systems

Antlia Systems has introduced a suite of thermal detectors. The systems include:

  • The contactless thermal detection box can be mounted to a wall, pole, or stand on a desk. Green and red lights indicate in- and out-of-range body temperatures and can give voice prompts in a variety of languages.
  • The thermal detection kiosk with facial recognition can identify employees and guests as they enter a building or office, check temperatures and confirm they are wearing mask in under a second. It functions as a standalone terminal, or can be integrated with building doors and entry turnstiles.
  • The high volume thermal camera system, a hybrid infrared and visible light camera system, is designed to scan up to 50 people simultaneously with a pinpoint ±0.3 degrees of accuracy. The system distinguishes human faces from inanimate objects to prevent false positives.
  • The integrated walk-through thermal and metal detection gate processes up to 60 visitors a minute.

Applied Imaging

Applied Imaging, a manufacturer of office products, has added personnel kiosks with body temperature screening and facial recognition for employees and customers.

While standing inside of three feet, the kiosks take an individual's temperature within one second, then follow up with voice prompts whether they pass, fail or need to put on a mask. Optional features include ID card readers, fingerprint readers, access control and more.


Astreea, an aerospace components manufacturer, has introduced its pedal hand sanitizer dispenser made entirely from medical stainless steel.

Dispensers arrive fully assembled and the removable reservoir can be filled with any hand sanitizer product. The stand also comes equipped with a lifetime warranty.

Astreea is distributed across North America by Florida-based personal protection equipment provider Thumbprint.


BioPPE provides hygienic products including Bluetooth-enabled, thermally cooled antimicrobial face masks; no-touch personal protective equipment dispensers with health data collection capabilities; UV-C disinfection containers; and more.

Utilizing voice-enabled technology and Alexa integration, many of BioPPE's products are linked by a crowdsourced network system which supports organizations in maintaining health standards with anonymous data collection capabilities for wellness check surveying and contact tracing.

Wellness check surveying generates real-time health alerts sent via text message or email to help identify hot spots or impending outbreaks. BioPPE products with BioPPE WLNS integration include:

  • The BioProtect Wellness Portal, a PPE dispenser that also aids in organizational data collection and health information distribution that displays health information and safety alerts on a 24-inch video display.
  • The BioMask Bluetooth+ with Alexa, incorporating a Bluetooth 5.0 module and localized speakerphone, enabling users to communicate on mobile calls and in person. It includes proprietary cooling technology, antimicrobial microfiber material and adjustable Velcro strap.
  • The BioShield UV-C Disinfection Box sterilizes phones, reusable masks, wallets, purses and other small items with UV-C technology to disinfect items in minutes.
  • The BioProtect Face Mask Dispenser provides mask distribution to guests, employees and citizens in public spaces, featuring a no-touch, quick release design allowing for grab-and-go dispensing.
  • The BioMask Antimicrobial Protective Face Mask incorporates double-layer, antimicrobial composite technology protecting the user against airborne pathogens and can also be used as a mask shield for N95 and N99 masks.

Canon Solutions America Inc.

Canon Solutions America, Inc.'s cloud-based visitor check-in solution makes it possible to create an electronic way to gather critical information from either internal or external parties who wish to gain access to a business location.

Upon completion of a questionnaire, responses can be sent out automatically as part of an automated workflow. The information gathered can be routed to the appropriate departments or stakeholders for immediate notification.

By using a personal device to access the form or a personal stylus at an on-site kiosk, the check-in process can become touchless. The captured data is encrypted throughout the workflow and in the information repository.

Central Office Systems and Exciting Events

The Pyrexia Thermal Kiosk developed by Central Office Systems and manufactured by Exciting Events, a New Berlin, Wisconsin events planner, scans people before they enter the office and provides temperature readings to ensure no one is running a fever.

The kiosk comes with an informational monitor and markings for the floor so employees know where to stand.


Cognize's health and safety platform supports compliance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 guideline requirements for social distancing, mask screening and body temperature checks.

The platform uses multi-sensor technology to detect when people are less than six feet apart, congregating in groups, running a fever or not wearing masks.

The solution combines video, thermal, voice and biometric sensors with optimized hardware, software and AI to know, see, sense and assess more information faster than the human mind and presents recommendations for real-time action.

The platform's workflow management solutions are able to predict crowds and rush times, identify patterns, observe assets and monitor large numbers of people while adhering to data privacy regulations.

CTA Digital

CTA Digital's freestanding sanitizing stations feature contactless, automatic soap dispensers.

The 48-inch tall floor stand is ADA compliant and has a weighted base equipped with slip and scratch resistant padding.

Options include mobile stands, a secured acrylic glove and mask station, locking floor stands, display card slots, dual enclosures and 7-to-13-inch tablets.

D&S Vending and Cleanlife

D & S Vending, a supplier of equipment and parts to the vending industry, and Cleanlife, an FDA registered distributor of PPE and medical safety products are distributing PPE supplies for vending machines. Initially, six different PPE kits designed to work with existing machine coils will be available for vending operators to purchase and sell through their snack machines.

Dubak Electrical Group

Dubak Electrical Group's contact-free, body temperature measurement kiosks feature a thermal binocular camera and a 7-inch LCD screen, with +- 0.54 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy set on a stand or countertop. Visitors look into the screen to have their temperature taken. Visual or sound alarms alert staff to elevated temperatures.

DuThermX allows for continuous flow of visitors, integrates with existing security systems and can provide facial recognition and data analysis. The product line includes the DuThermX Kiosk Series, Venue Series, Walk-Through Cart Series, Mobile Cart Series, Modular Series and Customized Solutions. The systems use thermal cameras, calibrators, monitors and warning lights. While most are high-capacity systems, the series provides a small-scale solution that can be Wi-Fi enabled and offers facial recognition capabilities.

When a person passes through an entry point with an elevated temperature, an alarm alerts designated personnel. The multi notification alarm system can include audible, visual, email, SMS text, onscreen and network video capture. Additional DuThermX applications are available for walk-thru entry, airport entrances, outdoor tunnels and large event venues.


Genmega's Vscan, an ATM keyboard sanitizing solution, can kill up to 99% of viruses and bacteria automatically in a single pass.

In 10 seconds, after each ATM or kiosk transaction, the scanning mechanism automatically comes down over the keypad, disinfecting and sterilizing the surface using a UV-C light process. Users are not exposed to the UV-C light at any time. Should a customer try to interrupt the scan by touching or blocking the hardware, a torque-sensitive mechanism will stop and restart the process.

Older machines can be upgraded to incorporate the Vscan hardware, while for new Genmega ATMS and kiosks, Vscan will be available as an upgrade feature.

Gold Medal

Gold Medal Products Co.'s free-standing hand sanitizing requires no power to operate, and can hold up to four 1-gallon jugs and four 16-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer. Location managers swap out the jug or bottle.

The company's gallon jug hand sanitizer and 16-ounce bottle are sold separately.


Hudson, a travel products retailer with more than 1,000 stores in airports, commuter hubs, landmarks and tourist destinations across North America, offers personal protection equipment vending machines and a custom-designed line of health and safety offerings sourced and manufactured in the U.S.

Each machine will be stocked with a variety of essential products which can be purchased with a credit card.

The machine's touchscreen will be sealed with an anti-microbial shield that eliminates germs on the surface for three to four months before replacement, while social distancing floor decals around the machine will maintain crowd control.


Intuiface's entrance flow management shows users how to manage customers at the entrance with digital signage to follow social distancing guidelines, while its touchless kiosks replace traditional interactions that would require an employee.

Each reference design comes with a project sample, videos, process workflows, guidance and access to Intuiface support.

Janam Technologies

Janam Technologies' GT2 temperature sensing kiosk reads the body temperature and confirms the identity of individuals entering a facility.

The kiosk screens an individual's temperature from up to 20 inches away and can read a person's body temperature in less than one second, with accuracy of ±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit. When a body temperature exceeding a predefined threshold is detected, the GT2 provides an instant notification in the form of a voice alert and a siren.

Available in pedestal, countertop and wall-mounted formats, the kiosk integrates with gates, turnstiles and door access control systems.

The GT2 complies with guidelines proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as by state and local governments for operating during COVID-19.

An optional mask detection mode can be configured to grant access only if an individual is also wearing a face mask.

Facial recognition technology can be enabled to identify employees at entry, log their date and time of entry and record their temperature to integrate into existing human resources systems.

Android-powered and equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display, GT2 offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE connectivity for sharing information in real-time.

Kiosk Innovations

Kiosk Innovations, a provider of custom transactional terminals for markets such as bill payment, hotel check-in, gaming and amusements, has developed two no-touch solutions that allow touch-free navigation to mitigate the spread of virus: hand gesture navigation and foot controlled navigation.

The solutions can both be integrated simultaneously and can be mounted on any existing or new kiosks with a USB connection. The devices use up, down, forward, backward and enter/select keys for navigations. The end-user has the ability to use either the foot pedal or the gesture module.


LamasaTech's alerts feature sends instant email alerts to management when an individual has an abnormal temperature reading based on the temperature threshold selected. Additionally, email alerts can be sent if users are not wearing a mask and for certain user types only.

ID badge printing offers automatic thermal printing of ID badges for visitors and staff that have passed the temperature check and are allowed to enter the facilities.

The devices are not medical devices, and thus anyone identified with an abnormal temperature can be advised to self-isolate and seek a medical examination.

LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking's touchless LAZ PreScreen monitors real-time health symptoms and facilitates the safe movement of people in public areas.

Based on guidance from medical advisor US Healthy Work, LAZ retained Parsons Corporation, a technology provider, and Vizsafe, Inc., a provider of software and incident reporting, mapping and visual communications services.

Maysteel Industries Llc

Maysteel Industries Llc's Germ Guard is made with transparent polycarbonate panels that enable the design to be flexible, durable and lightweight.

As a custom fabricator, Maysteel designed the Germ Guards to be customizable and configurable for end-user and branding needs, including incorporating specific brand colors on the supports.

The Germ Guard can be shipped UPS standard and is easily installed by employees.

MeldCX and Kastus

MeldCX, an enterprise software solution provider that transforms the process of building and deploying apps for single-purpose devices, announced a partnership with Kastus to use antimicrobial screen protectors on touchscreen kiosks.

Kastus' patented antimicrobial touchscreen surface coating blocks up to 99.99% of surface harmful bacteria and delivers "always on" antimicrobial protection to shared touchscreens and personal devices, such as tablets and smartphones, according to the company. The company also claims it has been proven to be effective against the coronavirus.

MeldCX will soon make public access to its new AI driven compliance and safety focused feature, Project SAMi (Surface Awareness Management Intelligence), which allows monitoring, control and cleaning of any surface.

Mimo Monitors

Mimo Monitors, a provider of touchscreens, displays and monitors, in partnerships with Revel Digital, have created a touch-free, temperature-taking platform.

The solution contains the premium Mimo Monitors hardware display, as well as Revel Digital's CMS analytics and accurate temperature sensing software, along with a one-year license.

The display integrates a medical grade temperature sensor to ensure nothing goes under the radar and everyone entering any building is fever-free.

Options range from a simple pass/fail with no CMS to analytics that include remote management and syncing between locations. The platform also runs on multiple hardware platforms, including BrightSign and Android.

Navori Labs

Navori Labs' QL Access Control, an add-on for its digital signage software, allows retailers to monitor traffic in stores. QL Access Control can count visitors, monitor entry points and detect whether customers are wearing masks.

The solution uses Navori Lab's Computer Vision AI technology, which uses silhouette detection to determine if a customer is wearing a mask and what type, but does not engage in facial recognition. Retailers can also use the solution to set and adjust occupancy instructions on digital signage.


OpSense's temperature and humidity sensor kit enables retailers and foodservice operators to monitor walk-in freezers and coolers.

The wireless sensors and hardware arrive pre-configured and collect and display temperature and humidity data via a dashboard, alerting appropriate individuals when conditions fall out of expected range. Benefits include protecting inventory, food safety compliance, maintaining equipment health, increased staff efficiency, improved food quality and better record keeping for audits.

Optical Phusion

Optical Phusion Inc.'s Clean Solution consists of low-level UV-C lights that can be integrated for use with high-touch devices.

A small UV-C light can be mounted on touchscreens with a motion sensor and UV-C light sanitizing stations can be set up in locations to sanitize handheld devices.

Safe for people and for devices, UV-C light kills 99% of microorganisms without the use of chemicals.

High-touch technology like touchscreens, PIN pads and mobile computers can carry and spread pathogens, SARS and MERS viruses like COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2).


Peerless AV's occupancy control kiosk provides three variations of temperature sensing digital signage kiosks, as well as temperature sensor tabletop and floor stand mounts.

Offered for tabletop or floor applications, the temperature sensor stand mounts include internal cable management and clearance holes in the base to secure the mount to a surface or leave free-standing for quick reposition.

The mounts are designed to support an 8-inch temperature sensor tablet, which is not included with the mounts. Once the stand is paired with a self-service, non-contact temperature screening tablet, it will alert individuals of heightened temperature status.

Peerless-AV also offers three small format, indoor kiosks for public spaces. The first version of the temperature sensing digital signage kiosk is integrated with a 22-inch display, as well as non-touch, thermal sensing TempDefend Protection Basic Software from 22Miles.

The second option of the temperature sensing digital signage kiosk is integrated with a 21.5-inch Mimo Monitors Display and digital signage software from Revel Digital, which provides detection within three feet and temperature readings up to 18 inches.

The third variation of the temperature sensing digital signage kiosk comes with personal protection dispensers for refillable, touch-free antibacterial foam dispenser, disposable gloves and facial tissues, and accommodates a 32-inch display, FLIR temperature camera, as well as non-touch, thermal sensing TempDefend Protection Basic Software from 22Miles.

The indoor kiosks feature a thermo-sensing system that leverages a combination of camera technology, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors and dynamic machine learning algorithms to aid in the prevention of viral spread, while also working as a dynamic digital signage solution when needed.

The occupancy control kiosk is integrated with a display, Navori Labs QL 2.2 Digital Signage Software, media player and web camera. This indoor, portrait kiosk regulates foot traffic at each point of entry and detects if a visitor is wearing a mask, while also displaying dynamic digital messaging such as rules, instructions, wait times, promotions and other information.


PreciTaste's health-check kiosk, the AI Welcome Center, screens potential COVID-19 carriers to minimize the chances of outbreaks by guiding users through an anonymous contactless screening in just seconds. The kiosk scans users for elevated body temperatures and checks for protective face masks. Users can sign up for contact tracing alerts while owners and managers are kept in the know through automatic daily health reports.

The AI Welcome Center fits into existing operations, does not requiring any training and can be remotely, automatically maintained. Extensions such as customer check-in, delivery driver order pickup, integration with ERP systems and more are expected in the second half of 2020.

The system works completely offline to maximize speed and minimize data or network risks.

Production Resource Group

Production Resource Group Llc.'s SmartXcan, a portable thermal scanner, provides instantaneous feedback on up to 700 people per hour.

The SmartXcan meets the FDA requirements for the safety and performance for human temperature screening and HIPAA standards. Additionally, the temperature data is anonymized and not connected to identifying technology, meeting privacy laws.

Portable options include kiosk, wheeled pedestal, countertop or with built-in turnstiles for automated entry control. Power is provided via standard 120VAC or the on-board battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous use.

Permanently installed versions can be floor, wall or countertop mounted and can be integrated with many existing access control systems. The SmartXcan comes in an ADA compliant design and can be used by children.

Each design of scanner offers hands-free scanning that quickly notifies individuals via a green or red light that they are okay to proceed.


Qopper's temperature detection kiosk with facial recognition and QR code based identification provides touchless check-ins that integrate with workforce management platforms.

The company also introduced its occupancy monitor to accurately track bi-directional movement at entrances and exits by the minute to accurately keep track of occupancy by zone.

Rx Technology

The Rx Technology kiosk with thermal cameras are able to detect temperature close to 0.3 degrees Celsius and can detect up to 40 targeted temperatures at once at a distance of three to five meters.

As long as there is visible light at the location, the camera allows thermal imaging to monitor body temperature. In addition, a face recognition algorithm measures the temperature of a person's face.

Samsung and Creative Realities

Samsung's thermal temperature solution is comprised of two primary components — Creative Realities' thermal mirror freestanding kiosk and a Samsung 4K UHD Display with MagicINFO. Integrating a commercial-grade Samsung display with the thermal mirror enables the display to report compliance data and other critical health information.

Facial recognition is used to catalog employees as they enter the workplace, logging their temperature, time of entry and other compliance requirements.

Employers can configure data capture to suit their specific needs, with the option of activating AI-enabled capabilities smart enough to detect patterns, trends or other indicators.


Sato's temperature measuring kit includes a direct thermal printer, one case of 4-4- by 2-inch direct thermal labels, a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display and software.

The software includes health screening questions and temperature entry to monitor health of employees, customers and visitors. A confidential logging system safeguards the information.

The solution can be operated as a self-service station or as a monitored system where an employee oversees the entry of information.

The data gathered can be integrated into HR systems.


SupplyPro, a provider of automated inventory management technologies with a device-driven, cloud-based ecosystem that integrates with internal ERP systems and distributor delivery solutions, has updated its software to allow users to run a contact tracing report, a new tool in the fight against COVID-19.

SupplyPro software can contribute by providing information on managed inventory, tools and supply contact — whether it's through vending systems, warehouses, cribs or storerooms.

By pushing a button in the report manager, the desired time period under evaluation is chosen and filtered by user to identify all the locations accessed by any user. Location can also be filtered to identify all the employees that came in contact with that location.

SupplyPro is currently offering its automated vending system below cost to support the autonomous management of essential PPE products — safety masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc.


Suzohapp's personal protection line allows operators to get the majority of these products from a single partner, allowing them to save on shipping costs, and get products right away so they can reopen as soon as the restrictions are lifted in their state. Products include disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, sanitizing equipment, thermometers and unique temperature sensors, social distancing stanchions and more.

The face detection thermometer module, a tablet–style device, allows entrants to simply walk up to the screen, have their temperature taken, and get scanned into a facility. This device will signal an alarm in less than a second if it senses an abnormal temperature.

When paired with the accompanying access gate, this process can be entirely self–service.

TCL and Eyesafe

TCL, a display manufacturer for consumer electronics, has incorporated Eyesafe low blue light into its products, ranging from monitors, laptops, all-in-ones and other display products.

The new solutions will enable TCL to meet demand from consumer electronics brands to incorporate Eyesafe low blue light safety requirements into its products.

Consumer electronics brands are bringing low blue light solutions to the marketplace in response to growing concerns about the impacts of high-energy blue light exposure. Faced with widespread shelter-in-place orders to combat the coronavirus epidemic, millions of people around the globe are now on screens, which is resulting in increased exposure to high-energy blue light, which growing research suggests presents a variety of health concerns over time.


TouchSource's Taos kiosk provides temperature detection, hand sanitizing and contactless messaging.

The kiosk combines digital directory software with a complete wellness package including infrared temperature sensing and contactless hand sanitizing.
The kiosk's sensor-based infrared temperature thermometer utilizes FDA guidelines for 3-second average benchmark sensing and is accurate to 0.5 degrees.

Integrated ambient temperature and proximity sensors reduce false positive readings from the temperature sensors.

The hand sanitizer stations include a sensor-based, contactless hand sanitizer with integrated notifications when refills are necessary.

The touch and non-touch HD display accommodates 22-inch and 32-inch size screens and can display a contactless yet interactive digital directory, wayfinding and safety messaging.

Trusted PPE

Trusted PPE, a provider of personal protective equipment, has introduced four-layer KN95 face masks to help protect people from COVID-19. The masks, which according to the Mayo Clinic offer more protection than a surgical masks, filter 95% of airborne particles.

The masks feature a nose-bridge design and skin-friendly fabric to prevent irritation. The disposable mask can also be used year-round in all weather conditions. Shelf life is five years from date of purchase.

The masks are designated for non-medical use according to the FDA, and are marked for civilian use only. The masks are manufactured according to FDA standards in both in the United States and China.

Trusted PPE also provides sanitizers and thermometers.

Ultraleap and CEN Media

CEN Media Group has partnered with Ultraleap to install a touchless digital out-of-home cinema network that provides hand tracking and "virtual touch" haptics that use ultrasound to create the sensation of touch in mid-air that limit the spread of germs and provide safe and natural interaction with content.

The kiosks will run standard display advertising and touchless interactive content.

Broadsign will provide content management while AdMobilize will provide data analytics.

Ventola Projects

Ventola Projects' solution monitors footfall and individuals and groups of customers' temperatures, but can also dispense hand sanitizer and check and remind people to wear face masks.

Able to make bookings and take payments, the 4G/5G compatible VAvR iCheck range has several levels of complexity.

The unit can check body temperatures at the point of payment or entry, and can enable customers to ask questions, book events, find locations or make payments. It can also ensure customers use hand sanitizers when operating touchscreens and determine if face masks are being worn.

There are six "plug 'n" play' kiosk models to suit various contexts and requirements, and each wall-mounted or free-standing unit is weatherproof for outdoor use.

The iCheck also allows customers to talk to a virtual host that not only understands their voices but recognizes their faces, even if they are wearing face masks.


Verifyii, a provider of elevated body temperature access, uses military grade hardware to offer EBT and vendor/visitor credentialing.

Employees or contractors must first check in at a Verifyii EBT kiosk, which uses an infrared thermal camera to scan the user's body temperature. The system then instructs employees or visitors with elevated temperatures to leave the premises, while maintaining social distancing. It also notifies the organization's human resources department.

The kiosk's touchless biometric system can replace an existing time-card system, allowing persons with a non-elevated body temperature to enter the premises quickly.

Visitors can use the Verifyii app to establish their credentials and prove they are compliant with an organization's regulations. The app can then provide a code to use as part of the contactless check-in process at the kiosk. Visitors will also have a body temperature scan during check-in.

Complementing the infrared thermal camera is a "blackbody" reference source that enables the system to screen out environmental "background noise" and provide precise temperature reads, regardless of the setting.

ViaTouch Media

The Vicki machine, an AI powered, self-checkout merchandiser from ViaTouch Media that lets shoppers take products from a shelf and examine them before making a purchase, has built-in UV-C technology to ensure all contact points and products are clean and sanitary before any customer interaction. This ensures that no germs or viruses can be transferred during machine use.

After each customer uses a Vicki kiosk, for a period of 60 seconds, the machine will self-sanitize the products and inside surfaces using UV-C light, an antimicrobial technology. It works primarily by destroying the DNA inside bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Customers can pay and access the kiosk by scanning a QR coe or use tap-to-pay, including ApplePay.

VPR Brands

VPR Brands LP's touchless, fully automated infrared body temperature screening device dubbed VPR Verified combines contactless thermal temperature screening sensors with biometric facial recognition software.

The temperature check is performed in just under a second, enabling processing of hundreds of people per hour. Single or multiple kiosks can be connected to automatic doors, turnstiles, locks or barriers for access control after testing customers and employees.

The VPR Verified system immediately displays the temperature of the scanned person and shows a green pass or a red fail.


22Miles' TempDefend is a protective digital signage communication and direction tool, providing a building's first point of communication and management in the prevention of viral spread.

TempDefend provides instruction and information to manage access and navigation while implementing health and safety procedures.

The process is touch-free: TempDefend delivers voice instructions to direct individuals into a camera frame, allowing the thermal sensor technology to scan their temperature from up to four feet away.

The temperature reading is then used in a workflow suited to the organization's needs, including access control integration, video calling with reception, data analysis and notification or even facial recognition.

If an elevated temperature of 99.5 degrees or higher is detected, TempDefend will initiate the response sequence, such as rejecting building access, prompting a video call, suggesting a face mask or providing other instructions. On the backend, building operators can view data in a live, thermal or LED view to make informed decisions within seconds.

A thermo-sensing technology, TempDefend combines camera hardware, facial and body temperature detection software, integrated sensors and dynamic machine learning algorithms for existing or new digital signage displays.

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