Remote I/O

Modbus Ethernet

Daisy Chain

The Winsonic DAU02 Ethernet Remote I/O has two switched Ethernet ports, allowing information to be freely passed downstream to another local Ethernet device. Daisy-chaining equipment in this manner will also reduce overall labor and wiring costs.

Current & Voltage support

Winsonic Remote IO supports setting current and voltage from web page. For example, the customer can set the analog I/O settings, output voltage value (0~10V) for channel 1~2, or set output current value (0~20mA) for channel 3~4.


OPC UA is now used for secure and open production systems that multiple vendors can adopt. This diagram shows OPC UA products and case studies.

Auto Search

Auto Search is a search software in OPC UA that helps users locate Remote IO devices on the local network. You can download the latest version of Auto Search software from the Winsonic website.


Winsonic's remote I/O process of collecting data via industrial protocols allows IT and OT industrial automation engineers to easily retrieve data from the same I/O device. The Winsonic remote IO series supports different protocols: Modbus/TCP and OPC UA for OT engineers; and SNMP, RESTful API and OPC UA IO libraries for IT engineers. The Remote IO Series retrieves and converts I/O data to any of these protocols, allowing you to easily connect applications.

Modbus RTU/TCP

Modbus RTU and TCP/UDP protocols supported

Modbus is the most common and commonly used industry standard communication protocol in the connection method of industrial equipment today. It can communicate with multiple devices in the same RS-232/422/485 network, such as systems that measure temperature and humidity, and separately. Send the results to the monitoring computer. Therefore, Modbus is often used on supervisory computers and remote terminal units (RTUs) in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Three control ports with Ethernet, USB and RS485/RS422

Remote IO is a RS232/RS422/RS485 / Ethernet Converter and it allows you create one or two independents ports RS232 / RS485 / RS422 through the Ethernet (RJ45) connection.
Important in this type of product is the installation of 2 LAN ports (RJ45) that can extend an Ethernet line without using the switch.


Smart TFT LCD Display

Winsonic offers a series of smart LCD display solution. The smart LCD display solution comes with UI objects with zero code which is very easy and quickly to customized UI design.

  • 4.1 inch to 15.6 inch available
  • Self-Designed T5L ASIC with high-speed VRAM
  • Zero code for GUI design, easy development
  • Open OS core, programmed by keil C
  • Optinoal USB or WiFi module
  • Support Communication with common PLC such as Siemens and Mitsubishi
  • Used in industry, self-service terminal equipment
  • Customized and integrated touch panel
Smart TFT LCD Display

Panel PC

panel PC

Certificates include CE, FCC, VCCI, Vibration, Shock and IP65 Front Panel. Winsonic provides Different Panel PC size supports from 5.7”, 9”, 10.4” to 15”.

EtherCAT Control

EtherCAT Master

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an open and high-performance fieldbus that enables the use of Ethernet technology at the I/O level. EtherCAT offers flexible wiring, fast communication, and several nice features. The EtherCAT system requires a Master to control multiple Slaves, and Winsonic provides a EtherCAT Master for users to build motion control applications.

EtherCAT Remote I/O

In an EtherCAT control system, motion and I/O control can be done remotely via EtherCAT slave modules. Winsonic offers a range of slave modules to support standard EtherCAT communication.