Digital Signage

Winsonic expert advice on digital signage solutions, and distributes a full range of digital signage products, including hardware, software, displays. The product supports multiple video inputs, features 1920x1080 high resolutions and offers a 185-degree viewing angle.

  • The platform made of 2 main products

    1. Content Manager: NMT software does no need to install, and it is
    1. running on Windows OS. Heart of the digital signage network; to
    1. manage your media assets, playlists, content distribution – to monitor
    1. your players

    2. Player: to playback your content on any kind of display, the
    1. player Contain with 4 products.
        ● Standalone External Box Media Player
        ● Networking External Box Media Player
        ● All in One Standalone LCD Media Player
        ● All in One Networking LCD Media Player


Key Pad

Interactive quick buttons LCD advertising signage becomes more popular.

Motion Sensor

Inbuilt motion sensor LCD advertising signage can be switch off after sensing no movement in time. You don’t need turn on and off all the time.


The product leverage SMIL & HTML5 for designer to create online Signage.


Integrate touch screen for digital signage industry. Interactive displays are becoming more popular.

Live TV

Easy to feed live-TV into your signage layout.

WiFi / 3G

Retrieve data from Internet.
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