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NVR100 Series All-in-One NVR ( Windows Based )

Winsonic Touch Display NVR w/ 4PoE output can supports 97 well-known brands and over 2100 IP camera models. PC (Windows) based video recording server, with POS integrated. This is a best choice for small business and light commercial.


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NVR200 Series Network-Attached Storage(NAS) NVR

With its Linux-embedded system, the NAS NVR platform offers a stable, open, and safe from virus attack recording environment. This NVR not only for home or SMB recording, but also for chain stores or ATM/bank projects.


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NVR300 Series Stand Alone NVR w/ PoE

NVR w/ PoE is a Windows Base stand-alone system, providing a stable and good quality local display. Support over 97 brands of IP cameras and 2100 models. Custom-made on I/O, enclosure, HW and more…"


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