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  • Industrial Automation is a computer-controlled systems that monitor and control industrial processes. It is normally a system of complexes, spread out over large areas. All devices are connected through Internet or fieldbus Network. The PC remote monitor and analysis in the office. The SCADA/HMI is the interface allow operator to monitor or give control instructions. The PAC/PLC is working as the host to perform the control instructions through a RTU or Remote I/O modules. Sensor and other control devices, like actuator, electric motor, value and contractor, are deployed to perform the control functions.



Human Machine Interface with ARM and X86 platform

The ability to visualize and present data to operators in an intuitive and attractive way is a vital competitive factor in the design of any automation system. We offer a complete range of HMI products, developed with functionality and ease-of-use in mind and broad application areas includes HMI software, the OS support Win CE 7.0, Linux. Operator panels and industrial PCs.

Remote I/O


3 way communication port with RS485/RS422, Ethernet, USB to control the IO interface.

Winsonic provide the all in one interface MODBUS remote I/O products to customers which equipped the RS485/RS422,Ethternet,USB interface together for industrial control and is flexible to implement by customer's application and equipped these interfaces also can be the redundancy of increasing the safety of the communication interface.

Remote I/O application



•  Support for both Modbus RTU, TCP/UDP protocol
•  Modbus with 3 ways communication interfaces
•  RS485/RS422, Ethernet (10/100 Mbs) and USB
•  Web-based Remote I/O
•  Remote and local monitoring
•  Flexible user-defined Modbus address.
•  Multi-channel data acquisition module.
•  Power input DC 12V - 48V.