Home Automatiom

What's Home Automation?


Home automation is anything that enables you to use your home's lighting, heating and appliances more conveniently and efficiently. It can be as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights, or it can be a complete system that controls all major parts of your home, custom set to your own personal preference. Home automation is anything that gives you automatic control of things around the home. Home automation gives you total control. You can start off small and expand your home automation system over time. It enables you to enjoy the convenience of automatic lighting, improved security, and lower energy bills. You can even control it and make on-the-fly changes via the Internet, so you have total control no matter where you are.

Wireless Home Automation


Traditionally, electrical systems around the home are hard wired and planned during the early construction stages of a house build. However, modern home automation systems use wireless technology, so they can be easily fitted to any home. You can install it into your home at any time, without ripping up the carpets or drilling the walls. Wireless home automation connects to your household appliances via low-power radio waves that travel through walls, floors and furniture. Appliances, lights and sockets can be easily converted to work wirelessly, and a huge range of sensors can detect movement, humidity, temperature, moisture, and pretty much anything else you can think of.