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The flexibility of digital signage


Any screen that can be used to provide information and data becomes digital signage and a communication board

Regardless of the type of property, a digital signage solution should incorporate the ability to display events and meetings, though the types of events and meetings will likely vary by location. One resort may want to advertise its spa specials, while another hotel may want to announce its employee of the month. Properties also may want to advertise specials at on-site restaurants, and digital signage makes changing over from one meal to another meal simple.

Digital signage most often is used to display the following types of information:

      • Wayfinding: This type of digital signage solution can reduce staff interruptions and increase visitor satisfaction.

      • Event directories: Display an event schedule in heavily trafficked areas like entryways. Mix up the event slides with advertisements for on-site amenities.

      • Meeting room boardsInclude information about current and upcoming events on digital displays outside of meeting rooms.

      • Personnel and building directories: Large hotels and resorts, and other locations with complex layouts, will benefit from using digital directories.

      • Donor boards: Use interactive touch screens or a digital display to recognize and thank donors.

Source: DigitalSignage Today