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Winsonic Modbus Remote I/O with RS485/RS422, Ethernet, USB communication

Modbus (support RTU and TCP/UDP protocol) Remote I/O Winsonic provide all in one interface MODBUS remote I/O products to customers which equipped the RS485/RS422, Ethernet, USB interface together for industrial control and is flexible to implement by customer’s application and equipped these interfaces also can be the redundancy of increasing the safety of the communication .
Main Feature :
●    Support for both Modbus RTU, TCP/UDP protocol
●    Modbus with 3 ways communication interfaces RS485/RS422, Ethernet (10/100 Mbs) and USB
●    Web-based Remote I/O
●    Remote and local monitoring
●    Flexible user-defined Modbus address.
●    Multi-channel data acquisition module.
●    Power input DC 12V - 48V.
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